Bloomsbury Capital

EFS Bloomsbury Capital is the first student-run and only real-money

investment fund at UCL

A Message From

The Chairman

EFS Bloomsbury Capital is the only real-money investment fund at UCL. Founded in 2012, the Fund has become an integral component of the UCL EFS and employs a fundamental, long-term approach to investment. The Fund has averaged 19% annual gains for the last 3 years, and is up over 15% this year, with core holdings resilient to the broader market sell-off in February. Outperformance can also be attributed to the overweight exposure to the Nasdaq and technology sector, which have benefitted strongly from accelerating trends resulting from COVID-19. Anticipating a continued presence of global central bank liquidity , 2020/21 should be an active year for the fund, which will be recruiting a new analyst class at UCL in October 2020.


BC Chairman

Inspiring Passion to Perform

Bloomsbury Capital was founded in 2012 as the first and only student-run investment fund at UCL. The fund serves as a platform for members to gain valuable skills and market insight for careers in asset management, private equity and investment banking. Focused primarily on investing in equities from around the world, the fund is sizeable, innovative, and one of the most successful student-run investment funds in the UK by portfolio yield.

Bloomsbury Capital employs a unique approach in encouraging members to analyse stocks in terms of value and growth potential. 

Members are selected via a competitive process and placed into teams consisting of one Associate and four Analysts. During weekly meetings, teams analyse their research and utilise relevant valuation metrics to predict a fair market value of their chosen stock. Following each meeting, fund members vote on whether or not to invest between £500 and £1,000 of real capital into the stock.

Members also attend our Financial Valuation Workshops covering Discounted Cash Flow and Comparable Analysis models, as well as networking sessions with investment banking and investment management professionals.

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