Business Division

Message from the Vice President

Hey guys, I’m Koel and I am the VP of Business at the UCL Economics and Finance Society. This year, our role within the society is to bring business and consulting related events to students, hoping to provide you with the insight you need to succeed and thrive in both areas.


We will be doing this through both keynote speakers from around the world and inter-uni competitions in order to help improve your skill sets and provide you with valuable experience to take into the future. Furthermore, we have partnered with the like of LSE Entrepreneurs, Oxford Guild and The Young Consultant to provide even more opportunities for everyone!

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Our upcoming events are:

London Student Bootcamp

  • The division’s staple event for the year, where teams of start-ups will have the opportunity to get mentored by leading experts in the entrepreneurial space before presenting their products to an elite panel of judges.

  • Winning prizes will include credit to go towards the student start-ups, networking opportunities and potential fast-tracks onto further business competitions.

  • Will involve a highly rigorous screening and interview stage so that teams involved will be some of the best in the country.


Forbes 30 Under 30

  • A highly interactive speaker series involving students who have gone on to gain recognition within the entrepreneurial space, with the potential to become industry leaders.

  • Listen to them share their journeys and experiences whilst providing valuable insight into the do’s and don'ts of creating business ideas. 

And our past events:

Accenture Panel

  • Students joined Managing Director Andrew Haley, Manager Sarah Heiwagei, Technology Managing Consultant Ashnil Momi, and Technology Strategist Bella Thornely to answer your questions and dive deep into the inner workings of Accenture

  • They had the opportunity to discuss current events and industry trends and gain Spring, Summer and graduate offer tips

  • Included content creation and training session strategies, as well as how to conduct cost reduction programs and manage big account. 

Venture Capital - 2020 Panel

  • This was a highly interactive panel discussion of venture capitalists who made VC what it is today. 

  • Students that were curious about how exactly to break into the VC world or wanted to know what it's like to invest in high risk and high reward companies gained valuable information from this panel

  • We had highly successful panelists including Luke Smith of Forward Partners and Andrea Bonaceto of Eterna Capita.

Covid-19 Business Challenge 2020

  • This was the first online EFS competition during the Covid-19 Lockdown, presented over Summer 2020.

  • We partnered with LSE Entrepreneurs Society and Oxford Finance Society for the event.

  • The challenge allowed students with start-up ideas to present to a panel of judges consisting of Deloitte and Mckinsey employees, with winners getting a mentorship and insight opportunity with Mckinsey.