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Message from the VP

Hey guys! I’m Rami, your new VP of Business, and I am immensely excited to bring informative events to you all over the next academic year. I, along with my team of Freddie Eldon, Shirom Aggarwal and Bill Yang will make it our responsibility to ensure we bring high-quality business and consulting-related events to students.


We will be inviting speakers from various industries to offer their advice and knowledge, as well as hosting competitions - where students can get involved, show their skills and learn from the mentors our society has to offer.

Upcoming events

London Student Bootcamp

  • This event has been hosted many times by the Business division at UCL, and we think it is only suitable to carry it on.

  • Teams of start-ups will have the opportunity to get mentored by leading experts in the entrepreneurial space before presenting their products to an elite panel of judges.

  • Winning prizes will include credit to the student start-ups, networking opportunities and potential fast-tracks onto further business competitions.


Consulting Bootcamp

  • This is a chance for the aspiring consultants to show off their problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking skills in our new event.

  • Students in groups will be presented with a case and given the chance to show their best work to a panel of judges at the top consulting firms worldwide.


Forbes 30 Under 30

  • A highly interactive speaker series where we will invite individuals who have been part of F30U30 to listen to their journey and experiences whilst providing valuable insight into the dos and don'ts of creating business ideas.

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