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The Business division provides insight into careers outside of banking and finance by hosting speakers from various industries with a focus on technology. Through the London Startup Fair and talks from various speakers, our members and students from London universities were able to gain valuable insight into opportunities in industries they have not yet considered.

2019/20 highlights

London Start-Up Fair



If you are interested in the london start up scene, then this will be your chance to meet the founders of the latest and most impressive startups


Whether you are interested in Fintech, Cryptocurrencies, Virtual Reality, Social Media or even just curious as to what working in a startup or the technology industry is like, this is the event for you!


The collaboration of University College London, London School of Economics & Political Science, Imperial College London & King's College London allows this event to combine broad educational and career focuses.


This event is an excellent way to network with representatives from entrepreneurial and startup organisations. Learn about jobs and internships, discover available opportunities and the brilliant minds in the startup ecosystem. 


London Student Bootcamp



Promote GUIDED Student Entrepreneurship and Create Impact 

Event Timeline: 

 Day 1: Starting

  • Introduction into the bootcamp and timetable 

  • Network with mentors, VCs and most importantly your competitors! 

  • Chance to pitch (will not have any bearing on Day 3 pitch)

 Day 2: Development

  • Mentorship by individuals who work in VCs and variety of businesses 

  • Learn more about pitching, marketing, creating projections and the skill set needed to win

Day 3: Pitch

  • Teams have time to practice the first half of the day 

  • Give a 5 minute pitch as to why you should win


EFS Business Speaker Series



From CEO of Nandos to the Co-Founder of Monzo, our EFS Business Speaker Series looks to give you a wider view and perspective of industries other than finance. 


This year we look to continue bringing in more high-profile speakers and have even more interesting and exciting speaker events such as hosting fireside chats with Venture Capitalists. 


London Fintech Conference


The largest student-run conference focusing on Fintech in Europe.

We will have key players in the Fintech space coming to discuss the latest trends in the industry ranging from emerging entrepreneurs and the most prominent companies disrupting the industry, to key policymakers and investors. This conference will not only allow you to hear from these professionals, but also to connect with and build relationships with potential mentors, investors, clients, developers, investors as well as hundreds of like-minded students and budding young entrepreneurs and technologists.

Whether you are interested in finance, technology, entrepreneurship or just curious to find out more about the hottest new industry in London - make sure you watch this space 


Event Timeline: TBD

The Case Competition 2019



If you’re interested in consulting, this is the perfect opportunity for you to hone your skills, gain further exposure and expand your network within and beyond the industry. 



An intercollegiate competition featuring skill-based workshop and recruitment talk by our partner consulting firm.  


A UoL wide case competition attracting participants from a diverse pool of undergraduate, masters and doctorate applicants from UCL, LSE, ICL and KCL who are keen to explore the field of consulting. 


Focus areas include Strategy and Corporate Finance; Technological Transformation and Sustainability and Climate Change. The competitive process allows participants to evaluate their technical skills and critical thinking abilities, and to hone their analytical, deck building, and presentation skills by solving real-world case studies.


After the competition, members will have a chance to attend a recruitment talk by our partner firm, followed by networking drinks to interact with consultants from the firm and like-minded students across London.  

Event Timeline:
Term 2, Venue to be confirmed.

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