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Message from the VP

Message from the Vice President
Hi everyone! Welcome to the EFS Marketing Division. I’m Zara Ratnani and I’m the Vice President of Marketing for this year. Our team also consists of our marketing executives: Anshika Malhotra, Judith Wong and Yiling Yang. 

Our team creates all of the society’s marketing content and we are in charge of making sure all our social media platforms are updated and reformed. By promoting all the society’s events hosted by all the different divisions, our marketing division is well-exposed in all aspects of EFS. 

This year, we aim to increase the outreach on our platforms by revamping the marketing strategies along with implementing new and exciting content for all the members of our society. With EFS being the largest society at UCL, we host a variety of insightful events, and the marketing team is honoured to be able to reach our full potential to promote these events and expand our audience engagement. 

We also aim to bring in more informative content, such as Q&A’s in all our social media platforms, as well as introducing a lot more EFS merchandise for all members to enjoy. 

If you haven’t done so already, do follow our Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and join our WhatsApp Group Chats to keep up-to-date with all our events and other exciting initiatives that our committee has in store for you! We look forward to seeing all of you soon. 

Warmest Regards,
EFS Marketing Division

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