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Economics Division

Meet The Team


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Message from the VP

Hey everyone, I’m Ruiwen and I am the Vice President responsible for Economics at the UCL Economics and Finance Society, EFS. This year, together with my team, I aim to share my passion for economics with students and the wider community through economics related events, hoping to widen your horizons and provide you with skills and insight you won’t get elsewhere.

We will be doing this through both major interactive events with speakers from economics-related fields from around the world, workshops to help improve your skill sets and provide you with valuable knowledge and insight to take into the future. Furthermore, we have partnered with the like of … to provide even more opportunities for everyone!

Upcoming events

Know Your Subject

  • -EFS Economics Division will hold an open event for all freshers with economics-related subjects with current students to introducing freshers to details of the course and important points to focus on and look out for in first year.

  • This will be followed by a Q&A.

Masters’ Workshop

  • This will be an event open to all students, whether those applying for masters or interested in doing so, with speakers with experience in a wide range of subjects, introducing their subject and path, and how to apply for a Masters’ degree followed by a Q&A.

  • Speakers include those at Cambridge, Essec, and Brown.

Film and Documentary Screenings

  • A regular series for students to relax and have fun while also gaining insight into the world of economics.


  • Refreshments will be provided courtesy of EFS.


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