Economics Division

Message from the Vice President

The Economics division invites leading policy-makers, economists and notable speakers from various backgrounds, who provide our diverse member base with an insight into the world of economics. This year, we hosted seven panel discussions covering diverse research questions and viewpoints on the effects of Covid-19 on the world economy, inviting more than a dozen experts from different disciplines, including Dr Ha-Joon Chang (Economist at the University of Cambridge), Jamie Rush (Economist at Bloomberg) and Giovanni Olivei (Federal Reserve). Furthermore, EFS conducted its first lecture series together with an economic essay competition in partnership with Bridgespace and judges from the Financial Times, EY and Bain & Co. 

Furthermore, we are proud to continuously co-host events with our partners from Columbia University, Oxford University, University of Amsterdam, or the University of Indonesia to get as many diverse perspectives on distinct topics in Economics. 

While 2020 has been dominated by Covid-19, the Economics division of UCL EFS, above all, aspires to explore economic concepts, contemporary research questions and careers in economics together with its members.

Most recently, we hosted numerous speakers including Nicky Morgan, Conservative MP and a former Cabinet Minister, to Mark Gregory, Chief Economist at EY, to field discussions on the British economy’s prospects post-Brexit and the Premier League football’s impact on the local British economy.