Marketing Division

The Client Relations division proactively manages the relationship between EFS and its sponsors to benefit both the client and the student-body. It works to promote opportunities at our sponsors and organize both on and off-campus events, in order to connect UCL students to our clients. This year the Client Relations division was able to host events such as J.P. Morgan is Your Ally, Next Generation of Women at Barclays, Lazard – UCL Financial Advisory Dinner and many others.

Message from the Vice President

Welcome to the EFS Marketing division! We are busy all year-round to promote EFS related-events so we make sure to keep it dynamic, creative and fun! This year, our team includes Diane Le Rouic (VP of Marketing), Gabriela Olaru, Kristaps Kallaste, Lily Wallace, Rea Maheshwari (Marketing Executives), as well as Abinav Baskar (Head of Technology) and Vishaol Vignaraja (Technology/Marketing Executive)!

We prepare all of EFS’s marketing content, spanning all divisions. Additionally, we maintain all of EFS’s social media platforms and the newsletter to sustain interest for all upcoming events from all divisions.

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As such, we are exposed to all areas of EFS and continually interact with the different roles. Together with the whole team, we also develop, test and implement exciting marketing strategies, such as the EFS Booth and Merch at the Freshers Fair that we organise each year. 


EFS has the largest reach above all student societies, not just within the UK but across the USA, Canada and Asia thanks to our partnerships with societies around the world. We are proud to assist key events to promote high-profile speaker events and co-host with other societies where effective outreach and publicity are essential. We hope you like our designs, and please follow our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as join our society as a Student's Union member if you have not done so!