What We Do

Welcome to EFS Marketing team! We are one of the busiest and most energetic divisions at EFS. Our team this year includes myself, Renee Zhu (VP of Marketing), Daniel Wring (Marketing Executive), Eshaa Goenka (Marketing Executive) and Abinav Baskar, our new Technology Executive.


We produce all of EFS’s marketing content, spanning all divisions. Additionally, we maintain all of EFS’s social media platforms to sustain interest for all upcoming events from all divisions. As such, we are exposed to all areas of EFS and continually interact with the different roles. Together with the whole team, we also develop, test and implement exciting marketing strategies.


EFS has the largest reach above all student societies, not just UK but across USA, Canada and Asia countries. Key events to promote high-profile speaker events and co-host events with other societies where effective outreach and publicity are essential. We hope you like our designs, and please follow our FB, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as join our mailing list now if you have not done so!