Mentorship Programme

Our flagship programme invites esteemed representatives from all industries

to mentor First Year members breaking into their dream careers

From Interns to Innovators

Our flagship programme covers a wide range of industries including finance, consulting, technology and law. We invite selected alumni and representatives from the best companies to give our members real insight into their work, and bolster individual progress with peer mentoring. These insightful interactions will give our members an edge over the intense competition for their desired careers.


The Economics and Finance Society Mentorship Scheme is a student-led programme reserved exclusively for first year students at UCL. With an average of an offer per student on our scheme last year, we have created an immensely successful and interactive one-stop scheme that culminates with a group of exceptional applicants. 

The mentorship programme aims to give our members a competitive edge before, during and after their Spring Weeks, Summer Internships and Vacation Schemes. We aim to provide an inclusive environment for students from different backgrounds, degrees and knowledge-levels to develop with our guidance. We are confident that this will build engagement with students from non-finance backgrounds.

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