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UCLEFS Mentorship

The UCL EFS Mentorship Scheme is one of the most successful Spring Week Mentorship Schemes in the UK with an average of more than 1 offer per mentee. With 30 outstanding mentors with multiple Spring Week offers and the Mentorship Team, we help UCL students secure Spring Week offers. With a 100% success rate every year since its inception, joining the mentorship scheme is not an opportunity that you want to miss!



From a range of degrees and backgrounds



All of our mentors achieved multiple Spring Week offers



Who receive targeted application, test and interview support



Average of 1 reported Spring Week offer per mentee, 11x the average  

52:48 Female : Male Ratio

52:48 Female : Male Ratio

4.5 Star Average Rating

All mentees benefit from personalised guidance and targeted advice



The UCL Economics and Finance Mentorship Scheme started in 2017 aims to help first year students in a three year course and second year students in a four year course to secure spring week offers from top investment banks, law and consultancy companies. 


We do this by providing our mentees with a mentor who has experience in getting spring week offers and has gotten offers previously. Usually our mentors have at least 2 spring week offers and a summer internship/graduate offer secured. 


The Mentorship Scheme is competitive to get into with over 450 applications received in 2020 for just 60 places. Usually alongside a CV and some questions, interviews are also conducted to assess the suitability of some candidates. Once you get a place, you will be offered the chance to choose your own mentor from a list of 30 mentors based on your preferences. 


The Mentorship Team alongside the mentors plays a vital role in managing the Mentorship Scheme. Formed by four people, the Team runs various events, weekly calls and provides resources to the mentees to make sure that they are in the best position to apply. 


Alongside helping our 60 mentees, we also help over 400+ Freshers who did not gain a place in the Mentorship Scheme by sharing relevant resources on group chats and by conducting occasional CV and Cover Letter clinics. 


What is a Spring Week and why is it important?


Spring Weeks are a unique opportunity to take your first step towards a career in finance, banking, consultancy and law. They are conducted by top investment banking, consultancy and law firms such as Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, McKinsey and other such firms to provide an insight into their industry and firms to students in their first year of university or second year of university in a four year course. 


They can last from one day to two weeks and include presentations, networking, shadowing as well as workshops and group projects. Usually, they are held in March and April, hence the name “Spring” Week. Firms use them as a way to recruit talent early and top candidates during the Spring Week earn an opportunity to get fast tracked in their Summer Internship Programme (this depends on firms). 


Not only will Spring Week give you an insight into the industry and firm and therefore increase your chances of starting a career in those sectors, but the application process will also introduce you to the competitive nature and teach you how to navigate through video interviews and assessment centres. Thus helping you in the long-term after graduation.

Why Apply?

CV and Cover Letter help
Weekly Calls With the team
Mock Interviews
Exclusive Social Events
Events with sponsor firms
Access to our alumni network
1 to 1 mentorship from some of UCL’s most successful applicants
Spreadsheet detailing the application process of all firms

What Our Mentees Say

“I think the resources that’s been given are extremely helpful and frankly helped me get to a few final rounds and an offer. I also like how helpful and considerate the mentorship team is so thank you“


Jonathan Leng

1st Year Economics Undergraduate at UCL

“The resources were amazing and shout out to Saf for providing so much help for my BofA interview”


Shubanu Ranjalingam

1st Year Mathematics with Management Studies Undergraduate at UCL

“Great, honest advice from my mentor who is willing to do many mock interviews, with the weekly calls being really useful for some of my priority firms.”


Josh Shah

1st Year PPE Undergraduate at UCL

Previous Events

Spring Week Prep Workshop Series:

  • How to Use LinkedIn

  • Commercial Awareness

  • CVs and Cover Letter


Preparing Freshers over the summer to prepare them for university life as well as application period


July-August 2020

Spring Week Overview + Q&A 

An introduction into the Spring Week application process with advice and tips from the Mentorship Team

October 2020

UCL EFS Application Workshop Series:

  • CV Clinic

  • Spring Week Interview Session


Preparing Spring Week candidates for upcoming interviews and how to succeed in them


December 2020


  • Must be a UCL student (proof will be required)

  • Must be a member of UCL Economics and Finance Society

  • Must be a first year student in a three year course or second year student in a four year course

  • Must be motivated in applying to spring weeks

  • Must be interested in a career in investment banking and/or consultancy


Students from all degree background thrive in the Mentorship Scheme

Application Process

Applications usually open in August straight after A-level Results Day and close in the first week of October.


Attend Application Prep Workshop during Summer (not compulsory)


Online Application - Submit CV and answer questions


Video Interview with Mentorship Team


Offer Stage and Mentor Assigned

WipeOut49_13_2021_054944.593000 - Charlo

Charlotte Scheidler
Vice President

BSc Information Management for Business 

IMG_5967 - shubanu ranjalingam.jpg

Shubanu Ranjalingam

BSc Mathematics with Management


Grace Huang

BSc Economics

11FF3E06-2BF2-48C3-A4F5-2EC37FDA35FE - Alice Bennett.jpeg

Alice Bennet

BSc Natural Sciences

9F4DC616-E794-4BE4-B4C7-1D33CFE69D79 - R

Ria Karia


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