Socials Division

Message from the Vice President

Hey guys! I’m Arianna and I am the VP of Socials at the UCL Economics and Finance Society this year. After a year of little possibilities for in- person socials, I hope to ensure that everyone: new students this year, students who were unable to be in London last year, as well as those still abroad feel included and have the chance to experience socialising with like minded students.


We will focus on organising a variety of different events to ensure everyone can find activities to socialise that they enjoy from picnics to club nights. This year we also want to focus on bringing back our flagship events: the glamorous Christmas Ball and annual reading week trip. With our 3-event Freshers wristband this year, which includes the annual EFS Beer Pong, we also intend to start big and welcome this and last year's freshers with warm hands.

Upcoming Events:


EFS Freshers Week

  • With a 3-event wristband students will get access to 3 Freshers events and have the opportunity to meet our excellent committee and other freshers with similar interests 

  • Our Meet the Committee event at the infamous Taste of India restaurant will be filled with delicious Indian food, fun challenges that break the ice between students and wine/beer on us.

  • The EFS beer pong at Belushi's Tower Bridge will be a relaxed setting with a touch of healthy competition where students can get to know each other better through teamwork 

  • As our last event we have organised a club night with a private room for EFS 


Reading Week Trip to Amsterdam

  • During reading week in November, we are bringing back this year our annual trip which this year will be to Amsterdam

  • This will be a perfect chance for EFS members to mingle and connect in another fun and exciting setting 


Past Events:

FITE Fundraising Virtual Game Night

  • Although this year's socials were limited by circumstances, using zoom EFS organized a successful virtual fundraising competition where new committee candidates were challenged to organize the game that would raise the most money. 

  • The event raised a whopping £500+ which was donated to the mental health charity Mind. 


2019 Christmas Ball

  • The annual Christmas Ball held in the prestigious Connaught Hall is undoubtedly the society's flagship event. 

  • The elegant venue mixed with a celebratory atmosphere is highly anticipated amongst students all over campus, with tickets having sold out in under 60 seconds in the previous years.

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